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* ​How can I know the diamonds exist?
Each polished diamond has a certificate that gives all of the details for that diamond. It's size, color, clarity, cut and more. All of the certificates will be posted online for everyone to see. Transparency is very important to us as we know it is to you.

*How can I know the diamonds are really worth the amount raised?
With the certificates which will be made available to the public, that have all of the information for each diamond, you will be able to independently ascertain the value of each one. In this way, you will be able to see for yourself that all of the diamonds have been bought and have the correct value.

*Where will the diamonds be held?
The diamonds will be held in a secure location by Malca-Amit specializing in the secure transportation and storage of diamonds.
*What is the IDXUSD?
The IDXUSD is the tradable diamond index created by our parent company Live Rates Feeds. You can read more about it here.

*How many tokens will be issued?
We will be issuing a total of 90,000,000 coins. 85,000,000 will be sold. The additional 5,000,000 will be for the advisors, marketing and founders. 

*What happens to the tokens not sold?
The tokens that are not sold and that aren't kept by the team and founders will be burnt.

*Can I just buy the diamonds instead of purchasing coins?
You could. But you will run into a few difficulties: a) there are 16,000 different types of diamonds - you'd have to know which ones to invest in b) you could buy enough diamonds to mimic the IDXUSD but that would cost you about 3 MIL USD c) you'd have to find secure storage and pay for insurance on top of everything else

*Are the coins redeemable for diamonds?
Yes they are. 

*Do the coins have a use?
Besides giving you a good way to diversify your savings, there is a use for the coins for financial institutions who can use it as a hedge against their clients positions in the market when trading the IDXUSD. Contact Live Rates Feeds directly if you represent a financial institution and would like to know more about this.

*Why did we choose diamonds and not gold?
The reason we chose diamonds and not gold is simple. The way the markets work now, the price of gold is inversely related to the price of the dollar. Meaning that when the dollar goes up, gold goes down and vice versa. Whereas the price of diamonds is completely unrelated to any currency, so not only is it a great hedge against anything that may come up in the future with fiat currencies but it's also a great hedge against inflation due to its price increase over the years.

*Aren't the price of diamonds so high only because it's a monopoly?
Here is a very common misconception. We all know that there was one company which had almost complete control over the diamond market. And so, they would keep in storage large quantities thereby limiting the supply during certain years and easing back on the limits during others. This meant that there would never be any major price drops.
However, in the past years, the monopoly has become an oligopoly (instead of one company controlling, it's now a number of companies) and even that control has been loosened. And yet... the price of diamonds on average goes up. 
Incredibly enough, the less control over the market, the higher the price is going. So to answer the question, the price of diamonds is high because people like diamonds and because of its many uses in industry. But not because of any monopoly on the industry. In other words, the demand is real and the prices are real, not manufactured.