The Way Things Are

Our team's background is focused on the financial industry. We have seen the best sides and the worst sides of the financial world on the business end.
There are many inefficiencies in the modern exchanges and the way trading is processed. 
Instead of focusing on developing a better system overall from the bottom up, most institutions prefer to patch things up when needed with a band-aid.
Most of the inefficiencies can be found with the following aspects: 1) the listing process 2) the settlement of trades 3) the risk management 4) liquidity 

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Our Goal

Most of the inefficiencies of the current system can be dealt with by building a new system from the ground up that is based on the blockchain.

Your Money's Security

We know that our vision requires a massive undertaking. We know that there are many intricacies involved.
We also know, that the only thing that is truly important to you is the security of your investment.
For this reason we will be using a large portion of the funds raised to buy diamonds whose value will be equal to the total amount raised.
For each dollar raised, there will be a dollar's worth of diamonds kept in a secure location, with all relevant certificates posted online so as to be completely transparent.
This means that even if there's a crypto apocalypse you will still be able to redeem the diamonds.

Why Diamonds

Diamonds have many uses. Besides being used in jewelry, they are used for industrial purposes, in the medical field, in the food industry and for energy. Why is this important? Because the more uses diamonds have the more intrinsic value they have. What this means is that even if there is a monetary apocalypse, diamonds will still be valuable.
And yes, we are using worst case scenarios as an example on purpose.
How do diamonds fare without any type of financial apocalypse? Very well. Over the years and on average, the value of diamonds has gone up more than the average rate of inflation. Even bank savings don't usually pay out enough to recoup the loss every year from inflation.
​Need we say more?

To Summarize

Our project is incredible, which is why the motto for it is "Democratizing the World of Trading"
But even if it weren't, the security we give you for the coin is better than can be expected.
​We prefer to have less available cash but give you full security, rather than the opposite.
​What are you waiting for?

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