Imagine running your hands through a container full of diamonds of all shapes and sizes; worth millions of dollars. Imagine winning a bet with the owner of these diamonds and being able to choose one of them as your own. That’s exactly what happened to me when I was 23 years old and rediscovering the diamond industry. My family were diamond dealers when they lived in Germany and to this day, we still have a piece of jewelry that is passed on from generation to generation through our family. Although we are no longer a part of that industry, I still find it to be magical and completely compelling. Diamonds are not only beautiful, they are also useful. Being able to hold in your hands, between your thumb and index finger, something so stunning, so useful and worth so much, is an extraordinary feeling. And so, I made a decision on the spot, to rediscover this industry.
Over the years I wet my toes by helping broker a few deals in diamonds, which gave me an insiders perspective, but my main business was within the financial industry. I saw all of the inefficiencies, the problems and challenges whether in tech or in vision and I realised that there was a huge gap to be filled.
Two years ago, I took what I’ve learned over the years in both the diamonds and financial industry and I created a plan. The plan was three fold - to make diamonds more accessible; to use them in commerce just like commodities used to be used as currencies in the past; and to fix the issues that I found so prevalent in the financial industry. I found a way to combine my two passions and used the synergy to create something extraordinary.
The first phase of the plan was to create the IDXUSD - the tradable diamond index, the first of its kind and not an easy task to say the least. Right now, we are in the process of listing it on an exchange, a process which should soon be complete.
The second phase is the part that I am contacting you now for - to create a digital coin that can be used instead of a savings plan at the bank and that is fully backed by actual diamonds. The logic is simple. The world is moving towards a crypto economy, so logically, people will need the equivalent of a digital coin for their savings. While we’re still with fiat currencies though, it’s important to note that even compared to regular bank savings, placing a value on actual diamonds is preferable since bank savings simply don’t earn enough to cover the cost of inflation (in financial terms it is a cost) whereas diamonds on average, rise more than the rate of inflation. While we’re optimistic about the future of a digital economy we have created our Apocalypse Protocol. The Apocalypse Protocol is simple. The majority of funds will be used to purchase diamonds which have a retail value worth the full amount of coins, so in essence, should a crypto apocalypse occur, the coins can be redeemed for diamonds. Do we think this will happen? No. Is it better to be safe than sorry? Absolutely.
This is what KELA offers. Stability and security.