The world has gone haywire. There is social unrest, tensions between superpowers, religious unrest, mass movements of people from one place to another, economical disturbances, political turmoil, terror and violence on a daily basis.

And yet, we’re asked to continue having faith in our governments for the value of our of money. No wonder people are moving away from the regular fiat currencies and are starting to put more and more faith in digital currencies. Instead of trusting the powers that be, people feel that with digital currencies they are putting their faith into the world’s general population — people just like them. And that’s something they can more easily believe in. Whether this is true or not is not the point. All currencies have value because of the faith we put in them, whether or not that faith is misguided is irrelevant.

We want to believe. We want to have faith in a future. We want to imagine a better future for the next generation and the one after that. And that is why the move towards cryptocurrencies is inevitable.

This change in perception and in where we put our faith for the economy, whether locally or globally, is incredible. This will require that cryptocurrencies have a place in all parts of a financial ecosystem — day to day transactions (which we’re seeing with some new ideas coming up), investing (ICO’s anyone?) and savings. Which is where KELA comes into the story. KELA also comes into the story part about investing thanks to the platform we’re building, but that’s not what I’m focusing on today.
Money used to be commodities. I raised cows, you raised chickens, and we would exchange the cow’s milk for the chicken’s eggs. We did that with livestock, agricultural products, textile and everything else we consumed. These commodities could be directly traded but more importantly they could be used even if there was no one else to trade with. And that’s the important part. They had intrinsic value.

Fiat currencies have no intrinsic value because if we stop having faith in the government that issues that currency then that currency has no value and the piece of paper is worth nothing except as wiping paper. But going back to the old commodities trading method of having money is not feasible in this day and age — that’s why this economic model was left behind. But what if we could combine both the commodities for their intrinsic value thereby giving us security and digital coins thereby giving us ease of use. Merging the past and the future to make an incredible present.

That’s what we’ve done. I could do like most company representatives and convince you to invest in our token because it is the next bitcoin, but the truth is that our coin won’t make you rich. It will however give you the security other tokens can’t even if everything really does go completely haywire.
We do that by backing the coins with actual diamonds whose value is the total amount we will raise as part of the ICO. So even in the worst case scenario where everything devolves, you will be able to redeem your coins for actual diamonds.

Look over the site   to understand more about the future we’re looking to build and join us in creating this future.